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Buddhism ranks fifth in the list of major religions of the world and is behind only Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and traditional Chinese religion. Still, a number of people in the world are not even aware of its vey basics. For example, though many people might be aware that Lord Buddha is the founder of Buddhism, they might not be aware of the kind of life he led in the beginning and what happened to him later in his life. Similarly, though a number of people might recognise Buddhism as a major religion of the world, yet, at the same time, they might not be aware of what the religion actually teaches. The development of Buddhism as it spread from its country of origin, India, to other parts of the world is also quiet unknown to a number of people.

Like the ones stated above, there are number of other things about Buddhism that remains unknown to many people. Through Buddhist tourism, we have endeavoured to offer a platform wherefrom people can collect every possible information about Buddhism and Buddhist world. For those who are completely new to the religion, we have offered information on how Buddhism took birth and what are its principle teachings. For those who already know a little bit about the religion, there are further information that delve deep into different aspects of the religion. Then, there are also information on Buddhist festival, Buddhist events and latest news from Buddhist world.

Through Buddhist tourism, we have also tried to increase knowledge about the Buddhist attractions– countries, cities,temples, monasteries, monuments and sites - of the world to which a visit is extremely fruitful. We also offer people, desirous of making a visit to these Buddhist destinations, all the assistance they require to make their trip successful. This is because, being a tour operator, we have all necessary expertise to make a trip to Buddhist destination around the world fruitful one. It is infact, a way for us to contribute in our little way in increasing knowledge about Buddhism in the world. It is, for us, also an opportunity to spread Lord Buddha’s message of peace and harmony in today’s time when violence and hatred are rampant.

Your feedback about the site is also of immense importance. Please let us know if there is anything about which we should give information.


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Statue of Lord Buddha
Statue of Lord Buddha
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