Undertake Buddhist tourism to Thailand and experience the impact that Buddhism has had in this country in Southeast Asia.
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Buddhist Tourism in Thailand

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Buddhist Temple, ThailandLocated in Southeast Asia, The Kingdom of Thailand is surrounded by Laos and Cambodia in the eastern side, Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia in the southern side and Andaman Sea and Mynmar in the west. With an area of 513,000 sqkm, Thailand is the 49th largest country in the world. The capital city is Bangkok.

The terrain of the country is mostly mountainous in the northern region and flat in the centre. The climate is tropical characterised by monsoons. From mid-May to September, it is rainy, warm and cloudy while from November to mid-March, it is dry and cool. The Southern isthmus is always hot and humid.

A majority of the people of Thailand are a follower of Buddhism (94.6%). Hence, the country is home to a number of destinations that are significant for a Buddhist tourist to visit. There are temples, stupas, statues that will hold your attention almost immediately.

In this section, you will find details for all such destinations, that have over the years, attracted Buddhist tourists in lakhs. The section, infact, aims to act as your guide as you plan your Buddhist tour to Thailand. There are details, both big and small, that can help you make your trip more worthwhile.

So, do have a look at this section before you finalise the details of your trip.

Buddhist Attractions

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Buddhist Terms in English & Other Languages
Terms in English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
Buddhism Thailand Le bouddhisme en Thaïlande Buddhismus Thailand Budismo Tailandia Buddismo Thailandia Budismo Tailândia
Buddhist Thai Bouddhiste thaïlandais Buddhistischen Thai Budistas de Tailandia Buddista thailandese Budista tailandês
Buddhist Temple Thai Temple bouddhiste thaïlandais Buddhistischen Tempel Thai Templo budista de Tailandia Tempio buddista tailandese Templo budista tailandês
Thai Buddha Le Bouddha thaïlandais Thailändischer Buddha Buda tailandés Budda tailandese Buddha tailandês
Thailand Travel Voyage de Thaïlande Thailand Reise Viaje de Tailandia Viaggi Thailandia Tailândia Travel
Thailand Tour Thaïlande Tour Thailand Tour Tailandia Tour Thailandia Tour Tailândia Tour
Thailand Tourism Tourisme Thaïlande Thailand Tourismus Tailandia Turismo Thailandia Turismo Tailândia Turismo
Thailand Holiday Thaïlande Holiday Thailand Holiday Tailandia Holiday Vacanze Thailandia Tailândia Holiday
Thailand Culture Thaïlande Culture Thailand Kultur Cultura de Tailandia Thailandia Cultura Tailândia Cultura

Statue of Lord Buddha
Statue of Lord Buddha
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