Kapilavastu is the place where Lord Buddha spent His early life and also saw sorrows that plague the life of a mortal being. Take a trip to it this vacation.
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Kapilvastu, also known as modern Piprahwa in the Lumbini Zone of Nepal, is one of the most holy Buddhist centres globally. The capital city of the Shakya clan, and one of the earliest Republics in the world, Kapilvastu witnessed the childhood and early family life of the Buddha in the royal palace. It was at Kapilvastu, the prince saw sorrow, pain, disease and death, the four sights which disturbed Him and He abandoned His life in search of the reality of life, and became the Buddha. Twelve years later after He attained enlightenment, the son of the city came back to His home, but not as a prince but rather as the Buddha, who preached His sermons over here.
Buddha Kapilavastu

General Information :
Country Nepal
State/Region Western Region of Nepal
Location On Indo-Nepal border in the Dhaulagiri, Gandaki And Lumbini Zone.
Climate Summer - Hot; Winter - Cold and moderate
Best Time to Visit October to April
Significance Lord Buddha spent 29 years of His early life.
Language Hindi, Nepali and English
Buddhist Festivals Kapilvastu Buddha Mahotsava(29th to 31st December).
Other Festivals Navratri(October) and Holi(March-April)

Major Buddhist Places :

Nearby Buddhist Attractions:

 How To Reach
By Air - Kapilvastu can be reached by two ways. One can either take a flight to Kathmandu, Nepal, which is 262 kilometers from Kapilvastu, or can opt for a shorter route by taking a flight for Gorakhpur, India, 110 Kilometers from the destination. Gorakhpur is also near to other major Buddhist sites such as Sarnath and Kushinagar. The Gorakhpur airport entertains all major domestic and international flights, from where one can take up roadway or railway to reach Kapilvastu.

Br Train - The nearest rail head in Naugarh, 20 Kilometers from Kapilvastu which is connected to the cities of Uttar Pradesh, India on the Gorakhpur-Gonda loop line. From Naugarh, one can take the road journey to Kapilvastu.

By Road - Another ption to reach Kapilvastu is by road, as it is connected to all other major places of India and Nepal - Lumbini(27 km), Kathmandu (262 km), Gorakhpur(110 km), Kushinagar(148 km), Varanasi(312 km), Sravasti(147 km)and Lucknow(308 km). Kapilvastu can be reached by taking a coach, bus or a private taxi.

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Statue of Lord Buddha
Statue of Lord Buddha
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