Know more about Buddhism in China before actually paying a vist to it. The information will make your trip to China more fruitful.
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Buddhism in China

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Planning a trip to explore Buddhism in China? Looking for information that will help you understand both the basic of Buddhism in China as well as the important attractions in the country? Well, you are at the right place for here we offer you both. Have a look at the text below to understand how Buddhism made entry in China and how it developed later on. The links just below this paragraph introduce you to the most renowned and visited Buddhist attractions of the country. Together, the text and the links will help you enhance your knowledge of Buddhism and Buddhist attractions in China.

Buddhist Tourism in China


Schools of Chinese Buddhism
There are 10 principles schools of Buddhism that flourished in China. Actaully, there can be 13 schools of Buddhism, however, the rest three have been absorbed in the 10 schools itself. The 10 schools of Chinese Buddhism are :

1. The Vinaya School (Lu-tsung)
2. The Realistic School (Chu-she)
3. The Three Treatises School (San-lun)
4.The Idealist School (Fa-hsiang)
5. The Mantra or Tantric School (Mi-tsung or Chen-yen)
6. The Avatamsaka or Flower Adornment School (Hua-yen)
7. The T'ien-t'ai or White Lotus School (Fa-hua)
8. The Pure Land School (Ching t'u)
9. The Dhyana School (Ch'an)
10. Satysiddhi School (Cheng-se) School.

Buddhist Terms in English & Other Languages
Terms in English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
Buddhism in China Le bouddhisme en Chine Buddhismus in China Budismo en China Buddismo in Cina Budismo na China
China Buddhism Chine bouddhisme China Buddhismus China budismo Cina Buddismo China Budismo
Buddha China Bouddha Chine Buddha China Buda China Buddha Cina Buddha Cina
Buddhism in Chinese Society Le bouddhisme dans la société chinoise Buddhismus in der chinesischen Gesellschaft Budismo en la sociedad china Buddismo della società cinese Budismo na sociedade chinesa
Buddhism in Chinese History Le bouddhisme dans l'histoire chinoise Buddhismus in der chinesischen Geschichte El budismo en la historia de China Buddismo in cinese storia Budismo na história chinesa
Chinese Buddhism Le bouddhisme chinois Chinesischen Buddhismus El budismo chino Buddhismo cinese Chinês Budismo
Statue of Lord Buddha
Statue of Lord Buddha
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