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There is hardly any time in the year when a Buddhist Event is not taking place in one part of the world or the other.

Here, you will find about the latest events that are taking place all over the world or that will be organised and celebrated in near future. Know about them and be a part of them if you are somewhere around.

These events have been collected from all over the net and basic details about them are provided.

Upcoming Buddhist Events

Dhamma Shringa (Vipassana Meditation Centre)
Date : 10 days course through out the year.
Location : Dhamma Shringa (Vipassana Meditation Centre),Kathmandu,Nepal
About the Event/Highlight : Meditation,first step towards enlightenment.

Buddha Jayanti
Date : May 8th 2009
Location : All over world
About the Event/Highlight : It is the most important Buddhist festival. It was the day when Lord Buddha born, attained enlightenment, and declared nirvana

Vesakha (Visakha) Puja Wesak / Buddha Day)
Date : May 9th 2009
Location : Western part of the World
About the Event/Highlight : : For the Western Buddhists this is a three fold celebration. It represents the day on which Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment and attained nirvana.

Tibetan Sound Healing & Gong Bath Experience
Date : June 20th 2009
Location : 19135 West US Highway 12,New Buffalo, MI 49117 269-469-1966
About the Event/Highlight : Yoga with music and dance.

Asalha Puja or Dhammacakkha (Dharma) Day
Date : July 7th 2009
Location : All over the world but mainly in Thailand
About the Event/Highlight : : Celebrated by Theravadin and Western Buddhists as the anniversary of the Buddha s first sermon, known as Turning of the Wheel of Law.

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Statue of Lord Buddha
Statue of Lord Buddha
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