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Lord Budhha
The origin of Buddhism goes back to 2500 years ago, when an Indian prince left the opulence of his royal palace in search of truth of life and ultimate salvation. He meditated, searched for the path of truth, attained nirvana and became the Buddha who later established Buddhism religion. This was the beginning of Buddhism, one of the greatest religions and philosophies of the world. Till date, the teachings of Lord Buddha have a significance that is unparalleled. Buddhism today, is also the fifth most followed religion of world. Wish to know more about Buddhism? Start your Buddhist journey from here

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Four Holy Buddhist Sites
Statue of Lord BuddhaMarking important events in the life of Lord Buddha, the four holy sites are most worthy for Buddhist pilgrims tp pay a visit to.
Buddhist Destinations
Statue of Lord Buddha India is one country that has some of the best highlights of the Buddhism represented by the popular Buddhist sites located here. India has the most visited Buddhist pilgrimage sites, visited by millions of the followers coming here from world over. Buddhist highlights of each individual destination from around the world find mention in these pages. Have a look.
Buddhisst Temples & Monasteries
Buddhist TempleHere's a chance to know about the famous and sacred Buddhist temples and monasteries of the world.
Buddhist Monument
Buddhist Caves
Ajanta Ellora CavesOne of the early architectural forms in Buddhism, Buddhist Caves are held in great reverence throughout the world.
Buddhist Festivals
Buddhist Festival Although Buddhist fairs and festivals are very limited (not like other religions), yet they are celebrated with complete pomp and fair. Most popular among them are Hemis festival, celebrated in Leh-Ladakh monasteries. Know which are the important days and festivals that are observed and celebrated by Buddhists worldwide.
Buddhist Monuments
Buddhist Monument India has kept some of the best preserved Buddhist monuments that have become a religious hub for the Buddhist followers coming here from different parts of the world. These famous Buddhist monuments tell us a lot about the history of Buddha and Buddhism in a particular country. Try travel to Buddhist monuments.
This section will keep you updated with all the latest happening related to Buddhism in India. Lets have a look.

Lord Buddha Keep yourself updated as to what is happening throughout the Buddhist world.
Upcoming Events
Lord Buddha Find the latest event that has the Buddhist world talking.

Buddhist Monastery Temple Tours
Destination - Po Lin Monastery ...
Pay a visit to the Po Lin Monastery of Hongkong which is best known for its Giant Buddha statue at the top of the hill.
Buddhist Monks
Buddha Quote
'“Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace”
Buddhist Countries

Buddhist Terms in English & Other Languages
Terms in English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
Buddha Bouddha Buddha Buda Budda Buddha
Buddha Quote Citation Bouddha Buddha Zitat Cita de Buda Citazione di Buddha Buddha Citação
Buddha Teachings Les enseignements de Bouddha Buddhas Lehre Enseñanzas de Buda Gli insegnamenti di Buddha Buddha Ensinamentos
Buddhist Bouddhiste Buddhistischen Budista Buddista Budista
Buddhism Bouddhisme Buddhismus Budismo Buddismo Buddhism
Buddhism Religion Religion bouddhisme Buddhismus Religion Religión Budismo Buddhismo Religione Budismo Religião
Buddhist Religion La religion bouddhiste Buddhistischen Religion La religión budista La religione buddista Religião budista
Buddhist Meditation La méditation bouddhiste Buddhistische Meditation Meditación Budista La meditazione buddista Meditação Budista
Buddhism Symbol Symbole bouddhisme Buddhismus Symbol Budismo Signatura Buddismo Simbolo Budismo Symbol
History of Buddhism Histoire du bouddhisme Geschichte des Buddhismus Historia del budismo Storia del Buddismo História do Budismo
Zen Buddhism Bouddhisme Zen Zen Buddhismus Zen budismo Buddismo zen Zen Budismo
Mahayana Buddhism Bouddhisme Mahayana Mahayana Buddhismus Budismo Mahayana Buddismo Mahayana Budismo Mahayana
Theravada Buddhism Bouddhisme Theravada Theravada Buddhismus Budismo Theravada Theravada Buddismo Budismo Theravada
Buddhism Holy Site Lieu saint du bouddhisme Buddhismus Heilige Site Budismo lugar sagrado Buddismo Santa sito Budismo Holy Site
Buddhist Temple Temple bouddhiste Buddhistischen Tempel Templo budista Tempio buddista Templo budista
Buddhist Tours Bouddhiste Tours Buddhistischen Tours Budista Viaja Giri buddistici O budista Visita
Buddhist Holidays Fêtes bouddhistes Buddhistischen Feiertage Vacaciones budista Buddista Vacanze Feriados budista

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